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1255 Hemlock
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 Marshfield High School

10th & Ingersoll

Coos Bay, Oregon


   Marshfield High School currently consists of several buildings built between 1938 and 2000.  There were other buildings built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s that have been removed over the years.  The South portion of the main building including the auditorium was constructed in 1938.  The West Gym was built at this time as well.   In 1951/1952 classroom where added onto the northern end as well as the band room, metals shop, Auto/Drama lab, and Choir area were added to the site.   In 1961 the library and classrooms below it were added, also expanding the office area.  In 1970 six portable buildings were placed in the West side of the building to accommodate a very large student body.  1972 brought the covering of the courtyard area on the West side of the building.  In 2000 Pirate Hall was built as a Math and Science building replacing the East Branch building built in the early 1900’s.  The elevator was added to serve all floors of the main building in 2002.

Coos Bay Public Schools

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