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 Harding Learning Center

755 S 7th Street

Coos Bay, OR


   The District #9 school board signed a bond resolution on January 26, 1923 for $90K to purchase land and construct Harding grade school.  In March of 1925 a Bond was passed that included adding 4 additional rooms to Harding.  The building was a U-shaped building with an open courtyard in the center.  The drawings for the building indicate intentions to build an auditorium in the center of the building, however this area was left open until 1946 when a roof structure was added to what became known as the “play shed”.  In 1954 the gym flooring was added to the play shed making it into an enclosed gymnasium, now known as the commons or small gym.  At this same time there was a 3 level addition to the North West corner of the building.  It is believed that a 2 level addition to the South West corner of the building happened in this same time period, but existing records are unclear.  In 1963 there was a significant remodeling of the building including a major re-wiring project.  The existing large gym and rooms below it were constructed in 1963 as well. 

   The Harding building has seen its purpose change many times in the course of its life span transforming from an elementary school to a high school, while on more than one occasion being used as a middle school. 

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