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 Blossom Gulch Elementary

333 S. Tenth Street

Coos Bay, OR

    Blossom Gulch Elementary was built in 1954 consisting of 25 classrooms and 59,896 sq ft.  It is located on the former site of “Blossom’s logging camp”.  Oxen were used to bring logs to the site before they were floated down the slough to a mill on the bay.  It was necessary to bring in 75,000 cubic yards of fill material to bring the site to the proper grade before construction.  The building was touted as being one of the “finest elementary schools in the state” with “hot and cold water in each classroom”.

    Blossom Gulch has remained fairly unchanged since it original construction with no major additions or renovations taking place.  Many of the classrooms have been reconfigured to meet more modern needs, and most of the restrooms have been removed from dividual lassrooms while adding gang restrooms in areas that were formerly classrooms.

   The site and building have had many settling problems over the years since it was constructed which have resulted in many issues.  The site continues to settle to this day resulting in walkways, stairs, and sidewalks moving away from the building over the years.  The building was constructed on 5” reinforced concrete pads placed on both treated and untreated wooden pilings.  It has settled in many areas  esulting in issues with electrical lines, plumbing, windows, doors, etc. 

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